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*New Members Probationary Period*

When new members join, they are given a 30-day introductory period where flight report managers are more sympathetic of errors in flight reports. Guidance may be offered to the member instead of rejecting the flight. UKVirtual expects new members to accept the guidance and not exploit the privilege of having an introductory period. Those who exploit the introductory period will be treated like existing members.

General Regulations

At UKVirtual our rules and regulations are minimal but fair. We wan't everyone to enjoy UKVirtual's community together, so please read the page below before you complete your first flight


  1. All Members are to treat each other with respect and courtesy.
  2. Directors and staff are responsible for the operations of UKVirtual, their guidance and instructions should always be followed. Directors can take any action they feel necessary without warning but will be followed by an explanation.
  3. Members can fly for multiple VA's but are not allowed to track any flights for another VA while flying for UKVirtual.
  4. All members personal details are safeguarded and will never be sold or given to third parties. Removal of any account details can be achieved through an email to [email protected]


  1. All members are required to sign up to Discord when joining UKVirtual, and monitor it for news and changes. Members are encouraged to use Discord to meet our online community, however it is not mandatory while logging a flight for UKVirtual.
  2. Members are required to log in using their Union number and First name, eg: UNI100
  3. Members will only receive member status by a moderator once they have flown their first flight.


  1. You are representing UKVirtual on the network and therefore must behave in the manner expected of UKVirtual members. Any poor behaviour will be reported to us immediately and action will be taken.
  2. When using Vatsim please use your union number with the callsign of your choice. For example if flying for British Airways you would use "BAW" followed by your union number. This is so we can identify your vatsim flight.
  3. Please enter into your comments "UKVirtual" or "" when flying on Vatsim for UKVirtual.

Flying Regulations

Flights Generally

  1. You must use a scheduled flight if it is available for you chosen flight before flying a charter flight ( Unless you are using a GA Aircraft ) Flights that use charter mode instead of a schedule will be rejected.
  2. Aircraft listed on flights are suggestions, you are able to change them to your choosen flight in the flight tracker.
  3. It is your responsibility to check your flight tracker corresponds to the flight you are about to fly.
  4. Diversions for emergencies or otherwise are not permitted on tours.
  5. Flights can be recovered using our flight dispatch center, see the getting started for more details on how to use this feature.
  6. Generally, flights can only be accepted with a flight completion of 80% or more but under certain circumstances we may use discretion.
  7. We recommend you keep the flight dispatch centre open during all flights as it provides audio warnings for AFK's and flight problems.

Tracking and AFK

  1. You are required to be in the cockpit for the majority of the flight. We do allow for periods of time away from the flightdeck, but not exessive absences (30 minutes max per time).
  2. An AFK will pop up after 3 hours of flight and then every hour thereafter. Flight time will automatically be deducted until you click the AFK box.
  3. For all flights, any AFK which is not acknowledged within 30 minutes will result in the PIREP being rejected. Pilots should not be away from the Cockpit for longer than 30 minutes at a time.
  4. Staff have discretionary powers to reject a PIREP if they feel overall AFK time has been excessive.

The Flying Club Regulations

  1. Flights with the "TFC" or "TFR" Prefixes must be flown using the provided liveries listed on the downloads page.
  2. In the case of a livery not being available for an addon developer, please contact [email protected]. You must not attempt to complete a flight using another Livery unless you've been given permission.
  3. When using Vatsim or IVAO You must use the "TFC or "TFR" Prefix with the callsign "Club" or "Club Regional" respectively.
  4. The Flying Club Liveries are NOT to be used for any other schedules, charter mode or tours that are not using the "TFC" or "TFR" Prefix.

Flight Quality Regulations

All flights must be performed fairly to comply with UKVirtual regulations. Flight quality requirements are very lenient because UKVirtual accommodates for a wide range of experience levels. Generally we employ the following guidelines.

Aspect Guideline
Landing Rate Less than 750 f/m in jets.
Less than 500 f/m in propellers and rotary aircraft.
Slews & Crashes Not permitted
Simulation Rate Must be 1x
Stalls Not acceptable in jets or rotary aircraft.
Occasional stalls in propeller aircraft are allowed.
Overspeeds Should be dealt with appropriately.
Flight reports can be rejected due to excessive overspeeds
AFK Rejections Flights over 3 Hours, each AFK must be acknowledged within 30 minutes
Under 3 hours, you will not get any AFK checks
Schedules and Charter Mode Schedules must be used if available
Using Charter Mode where a schedule exists will result in flight rejection

PS. Breaking of flight quality rules is the most common cause of flight report rejection.
Please do not inconvenience yourself and your staff by filing flight reports that do not meet flight quality regulations.