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About UK virtual

A Community Aviation Group based around you

Ever since we were founded back in 2006 as a casual flying group, we have gone from strength to strength. UK virtual has stood the test of time, moving rapidly, evolving and always adopting a unique and unbreakable spirit of community.

At UK virtual, we offer our members ultimate flexibility about where they fly. Our members can choose from thousands of pre-defined airline schedules, or they can define their own flight using Charter Mode.

Services and Technologies

We provide amazing tools to enhance your flying experience.

VA Features

Less regulations, more social flying! UK virtual hold regular group flights where pilots enjoy social chat on Discord. Regular prizes and incentives to keep you motivated. Tons of interesting tours, 15000 schedules (regularly updated) across 70+ airlines, charter mode and GA supported.


The UK virtual website can follow you wherever you are. It works really well on desktops, tablets and smartphones - a total lifesaver if you're flying in fullscreen and want to use your phone or tablet to manage your flight.

Flight Tracker

We've got our own flight tracking software that works with both FSX and Prepar3D and X-Plane, so you can use whichever you prefer. It gives us a live data feed from your flight, which you can view online. Please note that our system does not support Mac OS or Linux, only Windows run Simulators.

Dispatch Centre

When you select a schedule, our Dispatch Centre does all the hard work for you. First, it will give you a full pre-flight brief - including how much fuel you need, the weather, and potential IFR routes pulled straight from Vroute. Charts are also provided for most airports. Then, once you are connected, Copilot will keep you updated with audio alerts and will show you relevant information. In the unfortunate event that your PC or simulator crashes, you can recover your flight automatically, since we save your progress in real time. No need to fill out a form manually!


We run a Discord server so our members can chat in real time. We have several channels set up including a #Support channel where you get a very quick response to your queries.


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