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Report #65375

General Information

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Flight UNI2261
Member Nigel Cotton
Date 4th August 2021
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight Time 00:18
Landing Rate -862
Network Offline
Status Accepted

Routing Information

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Departure La Palma Airport (GCLA)
Arrival Tenerife Norte Airport (GCXO)

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Chris Hynds (UNI1011)

Flight Reports Director

Hi Nigel, A couple of things about this PIREP. The landing rate is over our maximum allowed for jets (-750fpm) and also you have flown a charter mode flight when a schedule was available. As per the regulations, you must use the schedule if available (IBB622 is this case). As long as the schedule states a suggested aircraft, you are free to fly whichever plane or livery you would like on that route. As you are still in your introductory period, I will accept this PIREP, but in future either of these issues would likely cause a PIREP to be rejected. Any questions please ask. Thanks, Chris

Nigel Cotton (UNI2261)

UK virtual Bronze Supporter and Pilot of this Report

Thanks Chris. I accept your comments. To be honest I am new to the FBW A320 and struggle a bit with the route after entering the approach given from ATC. The path seems to go all over the place. In this case I cheated and went DIR to one of the points. I guess more learning needed on my part.

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