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Report #49043

General Information

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Flight AAL20V
Member Roger Bush
Date 23rd June 2020
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight Time 02:00:04
Network Offline
Status Accepted

Routing Information

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Departure Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT)
Arrival LaGuardia Airport (KLGA)

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Chris Hynds (UNI1011)

PIREP Operations

Hi Roger, you have what looks like quite a severe stall on arrival. Can you tell me a bit more about that?

Roger Bush (UNI1776)

UK virtual Bronze Supporter and Pilot of this Report

Hi, Chris. Yes, there was a stall at 138 kts for a couple of seconds. I was flying the Zibo B738 with XPrealistic and hit severe weather on approach. XPrealistic caused severe buffeting, and the auto pilot turned off. I left the autopilot off, turned of the FDs and auto throttle, and landed manually. Sometimes, when I go full flaps, the drag slows the aircraft down far too much, often below the speed set for the auto throttle. I don't mind doing the flight again if you prefer, :-)

Chris Hynds (UNI1011)

PIREP Operations

Thanks for the info Roger. That's not a problem if its weather related. I'll accept this one now. In future, can you put a comment on the PIREP if there is a stall, saves us asking :P Thanks

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