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Report #46754

General Information

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Flight DAL2921
Member Jack Bowser
Date 25th April 2020
Aircraft Boeing 747
Flight Time 01:14:32
Landing Rate -754
Network Offline
Status Accepted

Routing Information

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Departure Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Arrival Las Vegas International Airport (KLAS)
No route available. Assume VFR Routing.

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Jack Bowser (UNI1673)

Pilot of this Report

Landing rate due to scenery glitch (elevation)

Chris Hynds (UNI1011)

Flight Reports Director

Hi Jack, I'm going to accept this PIREP but can you ensure you check your scenery before you fly for future flights. Thanks, Chris

Jack Bowser (UNI1673)

Pilot of this Report

Understood :)

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