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Flight Report Information

Report #44202

General Information

Here is some general data for this flight report.

Flight QFA9
Member Scott Johnson
Date 24th February 2020
Aircraft Boeing 787
Flight Time 19:06:54
Network Offline
Status Accepted

Routing Information

Here is some information about the route taken on this flight.

Departure Perth International Airport (YPPH)
Arrival London Heathrow Airport (EGLL)
KEELS5 KEELS 2829S11015E 2614S10756E 2408S10615E 2011S10332E 1614S10031E 1226S09715E 0900S09408E 0355S08932E DOGAR 0017N08546E 0303N08319E 0534N08111E KAT A465 CA A465 MMV Q24 PUKES Q24 BAVOX L333 MERUN L750 BINDO L750 ZB L750 ENRON L750 RANAH B449 KEMOR B449 MAMED P130 DOGAM P130 REBLO UM11 TBN UW71 CRM UL746 ODERO L746 LUGEB DEGET ABETI RENKA UL610 ADKUV SOGRI DENUT L608 LOGAN LOGA1Z

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