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Report #34814

General Information

Here is some general data for this flight report.

Flight EZY001A
Member Christopher Buttars
Date 13th March 2019
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight Time 01:14:10
Network Offline
Status Accepted

Routing Information

Here is some information about the route taken on this flight.

Departure Belfast International Airport (EGAA)
Arrival Birmingham Airport (EGBB)

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Christopher Buttars (UNI1552)

UK virtual Gold Supporter and Pilot of this Report

Birmingham Tour Do I get credit for the other two tour flights I have previosly completed?

Ryan Boulton-Lear (UNI154)


Hi Christopher, what flight's are you referring to ? This is only the second leg of the tour.

Christopher Buttars (UNI1552)

UK virtual Gold Supporter and Pilot of this Report

Please look at Report #34631 (Flight KLM001C) and Report Report #34617 (Flight KLM001D). I did not believe that the flight had to be flown in order that they are listed.

Ryan Boulton-Lear (UNI154)


If you don't fly them in the order they are listed, then you will need to refly those flight's again. The tours are set out in a specific order which should be followed to achieve the award. Ryan

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