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Report #23782

General Information

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Flight FXI0537
Member Ross Gunn
Date 12th January 2017
Aircraft Bombardier Dash 8 Series
Flight Time 00:28:29
Network VATSIM
Status Accepted

Routing Information

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Departure Grímsey Airport (BIGR)
Arrival Akureyri Airport (BIAR)

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Ross Gunn (UNI891)

Pilot of this Report

i landed and tried to taxi back and the plane went mad on the runway after i landed and tried to taxi so dont know what happened but i landed on the runway and turned around and it went berserk on taxi

Ross Gunn (UNI891)

Pilot of this Report

06:22 Taxiing to Gate 06:23 Stall! 97kts, 649AGL 06:23 Stall Recovered! 84kts, 873AGL 06:23 Stall! 82kts, 748AGL 06:23 Stall Recovered! 70kts, 679AGL 06:24 Slew Detected 06:24 Slew Deactivated 06:24 Slew Detected 06:24 Slew Deactivated no idea what happened here it kind of fell through the ground i tried the slew to level it on the ground again to stop it going berserk

Tony Whaling (UNI548)

UK virtual Member

Elevation issues, not a problem...

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