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Report #9102

General Information

Here is some general data for this flight report.

Flight GST002
Member Nathan Billis
Date 18th May 2013
Aircraft Cessna 172
Flight Time 00:41:33
Network Free Flight
Status Accepted

Routing Information

Here is some information about the route taken on this flight.

Departure Bodmin Airfield (EGLA)
Arrival Eaglescott Airfield (EGHU)
No route available. Assume VFR Routing.

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Nathan Billis (UNI243)

Pilot of this Report

A few questions, How do you calculate the lading rate during flight, and what are the rules on pausing mid flight? Thanks in advance Nathan

Kieran McHugh (UNI149)

Director of Services

Hi Nathan, we have no rules on pausing. The 'landing rate' is the vertical speed with which you hit the ground. If the vertical speed is high (eg. 900) then it was a hard landing. If it was low, then that is a good landing. It cannot be calculated during flight since it depends on your landing. Hope this helps.

Nathan Billis (UNI243)

Pilot of this Report

Hi Kieran, Thanks for this information, it makes sense now. :-)

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