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Report #31120

General Information

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Flight TFC148
Member Mark Luces
Date 14th July 2018
Aircraft Any Military Jet
Flight Time 03:54:00
Network VATSIM
Status Accepted

Routing Information

Here is some information about the route taken on this flight.

Departure Tenerife South Airport (GCTS)
Arrival Manchester Airport (EGCC)

Report Comments

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James Wallace (UNI1175)

UK virtual Member

Hi Mark, report accepted however please ensure you take on the fuel you need. Simbrief is great for this. Jamie

Mark Luces (UNI1387)

Pilot of this Report

Thank you for the advice James, however, my fuel was calculated by PFPX. This is the software I have always used and I automatically assume appropriate fuel was calculated based on payload and other factors which I put in. If I am keying in the wrong info, I will need advice in that area. I tell PFPX where I am, where I'm going, how many passengers and cargo and make allowances for 30mins extra incase I have to go around or placed in a holding patterm and it gives me the FUEL needed for the flight which I imput into the FMC

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