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Flight Report Information

Report #25370

General Information

Here is some general data for this flight report.

Flight TCX1706
Member Jeron Taylor
Date 21st April 2017
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight Time 02:45:51
Network Free Flight
Status Accepted

Routing Information

Here is some information about the route taken on this flight.

Departure Bristol International Airport (EGGD)
Arrival Ibiza Airport (LEIB)
EXMOR N864 TIVER UN864 DAWLY/N0388F310 UN864 BHD/N0449F390 UN26 KORER UM616 LUGEN/N0452F410 UM616 TUPAR UM184 CNA UN863 AGN UN727 ROCAN UN859 BCN/N0375F290 UZ174 CORDA

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Ryan Boulton-Lear (UNI154)


Hey Jeron, it may of taken 3 years but great first flight ! Let me know if i can help you with anything at anytime ! :) Ryan

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